Globally, according to Branddirectory, the ten most valuable brands on the market in 2022/2023 are, from first to tenth: Amazon (USA), Apple (USA), Google (USA), Microsoft (USA), Walmart (USA), Samsung (KOR), ICBM (CN), Verizon (USA), Tesla (USA), TikTok (CN). A great relevance of the US in the global market is perceived, mainly in the technological field.


In terms of Brazil, Interbrand recently released a report with the most valuable Brazilian brands. The top 10, from first to tenth, are: Itaú, Bradesco, Skol, Brahma, Banco do Brasil, Natura, Nubank, Petrobras, Magalu, and Vivo. Within this rank, of these 10 brands, 4 are financial institutions and 2 are beverage companies, mainly dedicated to beer.


The assessment of a brand’s value is a tool that can help in the company’s decision-making process, in addition to being a way to help in the management of intellectual assets, such as, for example, which trademarks within a company are more important and more relevant to the business.


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